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During the January 2017 Forest Preserve Meeting I joined 19 of my colleagues in voting to allow the voters to decide by referendum whether or not the Forest Preserve issue bonds in order to allow for future land acquisition.  Of course this matter is raising some attention, so let me be clear in stating that my vote does NOT increase your taxes.  This vote only allows the issue to go before the voters.  I trust you, the voters, to weigh the facts and make this decision for yourself.  At this time I am neither supporting nor opposing the referendum.


This is not an easy vote.  Since casting what I still believe is the correct vote, my colleagues and I have been attacked on social media by those who misconstrued the vote as a vote in support of the referendum itself.  That is factually incorrect.  They are two separate and distinct acts.  For the last four years I have been consistently told by my colleagues that the voters have expressed overwhelming support for land acquisition through the passage of the previous referendum.  This continues to be the narrative time and time again.  If the will of the people of Kane County is that the Forest Preserve does not need to purchase or expand our holdings then the voters need to change that narrative by voting down the referendum.

I believe that some folks are playing politics with this issue, which though unfortunate is fair game.  I have full faith in the voters to see past these lame accusations and instead realize that my record is that of a solid fiscal conservative, and not a "tax hiker."