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With my name being at the bottom of letters going out to residents in unincorporated Kane County attempting to explain the energy aggregation program, you can imagine I have received a handful of calls from residents inquiring more about the program.  While I have attempted to address everyone's concerns individually I thought it might be prudent to post some of the information here as well.

What is Energy Aggregation?

The State of Illinois has enacted legislation which empowers municipalities and counties (relegated only to those residents in unincorporated areas) with the right to negotiate electricity rates on behalf of its residents and small businesses located within its jurisdiction. Energy aggregation uses the collective bargaining power of residents to negotiate lower electricity supply rates from alternative suppliers. This creates purchasing power and economies of scale resulting in electric prices much lower than any that an individual customer could get on their own.  Illinois is a national leader in electricity-aggregation programs. Hundreds of communities throughout the state have established group purchasing through Municipal Electricity Choice Aggregation. Through these programs, also called Community Energy Aggregation (CEA), electricity consumers save a significant amount of money.

Who gave you the right to decide who I use for electricity? 

Well, actually you did.  In April 2014 the residents of unincorporated Kane County passed a referendum on a 55% to 40% vote (3,992 in favor/2,911 opposed) approving participation in the “opt-out” aggregation program. The program moves all of the eligible residents and small businesses to the new electricity supplier. Residents who prefer not to participate in the aggregation will always have the option to select a different supplier by entering into an agreement on their own behalf.  We have shopped the market and have found a better rate for our residents than that offered by ComEd and therefore proceeded with the program.  Had the rates been unfavorable or even only slightly better than ComEd than the County would not have proceeded with the program.  

But why is it an "Opt Out" Program instead of an "Opt In" program?

This was simply the model given to us by the Illinois General Assembly and approved by a majority of the unincorporated residents of Kane County.  

Will there need to be additional power lines installed?

Nope.  The electricity is provided to your home in the exact manner in which it was previously delivered.  Other than a lower hit on your wallet you won't notice any difference.  

How much is this Energy Aggregation deal going to cost me?

On average, residents enrolled in this program will save $95 annually on their electricity bill.  This is based on average usage so savings will vary depending on how much electricity your home uses.    

But why Dynegy?

The County compared service providers in order to secure the lowest fixed rate possible.  Dynegy was found to be the lowest cost provider and was therefore selected. 

But what about the environment?

Some residents have previously voiced environmental concerns, and have stated that they would be willing to pay more money in electricity bills if the energy was created in a reusable clean fashion.  To accommodate their wishes we provide these owners with a list of alternative suppliers.  It's completely up to you.

What's in it for you?

I live within an incorporated community.  I literally will see no benefit from this program other than the fact that I have been able to offer residents in unincorporated Kane County a chance to lower their electricity bills.  Residents within municipal boundaries can only participate in the energy aggregation programs adopted by their respective municipalities.  There is neither a cost or savings to residents like myself.

Still not sold?

Ok, then opt out.  Call Dynegy directly at 844-351-7691.