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 No one likes to sit in traffic, so Kane County is being especially proactive in addressing current and future traffic concerns through our FY2018-2022 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) - many of which are located either in or adjacent to the 19th District.  The main county maintained north/south throughway in the District is Randall Road, which is getting quite a bit of attention in the approved TIP.

First, lets discuss some of the projects that have been green lighted:

  • One of the most exciting projects the County will see is the implementation of the Adaptive Signal Control system which is being implemented to the intersections on Randall Road from Big Timber north to Huntley Road.  This new system will measure traffic flow and automatically change the timing of the traffic signals to optimize traffic flow.   This is the pilot project for what should eventually be implemented throughout the county.
  • KDOT is conducting a study to possibly add or change the on and off ramps connecting Randall and I-90.  This is the first phase in what could be a longer project necessitated by the commercial and industrial growth along Randall Road in this region.
  • The Randall Road bridge over the Metra tracks and Tyler Creek near Harvest Bible Chapel will be refurbished as part of the ongoing countywide bridge maintenance program.
  • The Randall Road and US Route 20 intersection at Weld Road will see some improvements to better manage traffic flow. 

While this is great news, how do we pay for the improvements?  The estimated 5-Year program revenues are found below:

Revenue Source In Millions % of Budget
Transportation Sales Tax 76.6 21.5%
Motor Fuel Tax (MFT) 31.3 8.8%
Local Option MFT 50.3 14.1%
County Tax Levies  26.9 7.6%
Impact Fees 11.0 3.1%
Investments/Other 3.0 0.8%
Reimbursements 28.9 8.1%
Cash on Hand 97.6 27.4%
Bond Proceeds 30.0 8.4%
Total 355.6 100.00%

Included in this figure is the long anticipated Longmeadow Parkway (LMP) corridor which will see completion within this 5 year plan.  As we have discussed many times in the past, LMP is the single largest capital infrastructure program in the history of Kane County, with planning having started back to when I was in 6th grade at St. Thomas More.  We have heard some state that this project does not affect gridlock in the 19th District.  That is patently false.  This project is essential to proper traffic management throughout the northern portion of our county.  

It is important to also note the relatively small portion of the funding which is coming from the County's tax levy.  Over five years the County tax levy will contribute roughly $27 million to all road projects throughout Kane County.  That is a Roughly $5.4 million annually, less than 10% of the entire 5 year budget. 

It has been a true pleasure to serve on the Kane Transportation Committee these past 4 years.