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During my time as the Chairman of the Kane County Energy & Environmental Committee we were able to take advantage of a grant program to obtain electric vehicle charging stations for our main campus and courthouses.  These were obtained without the use of taxpayer dollars - as it should be. 

One of the conditions I fought for was that the users of the charging station be charged for the electricity at the station.  The electricity serves as fuel for the vehicles and should be treated as such.  My thought was that we should make sure the stations pay for themselves in both the electricity and the maintenance.  After all why should your tax dollars be used to pay for someone else's fuel?  

As I drive by the old Courthouse in Geneva I often see a brand new Tesla parked at the charging station.  For those of you not familiar with the Tesla brand of cars it is an electric car manufactured by billionaire Elon Musk.  The same guy that just sent one of his six-figure cars on a one way course to Mars through a privately funded space shuttle.  The costs of these cars can run more than the cost of homes within my district.

I am in no way begrudging anyone who chooses to help the environment by buying an electric car, and if you can afford to buy a Tesla my hat goes off to you.  But (and this is a big but) if you have the money to afford this type of vehicle then you should have the money to afford to pay for the fuel needed to run the vehicle as well.