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The new year started with a short meeting, and unanimous approval of the consent agenda without additional debate.  

The Board approved 3 zoning petitions - two for F to F1 Rural Residential, and one F to B3 District.  The F to an F1 is the most common petition that goes before the Board.  This is action allows the petitioner to remove a farmhouse from the balance of the farmland.  This way the petitioner can sell off the homestead or the farmland separately.  The B3 petition allowed for a landscaping company on a previously designated farmland.  

My colleague Doug Scheflow provided a friendly amendment to resolution #18-12 which dealt the sheriff's medical service contract for the Kane County Adult Justice Center.  As we discussed previously in the November 2017 meeting recap, this contract came back $300k over the budgeted figure, less than one month into the new fiscal year.  The amendment removed the reference to using the contingency fund to account for the overage, and asked that the Sheriff attempt to to find the funds within his budget first.  The reality of the matter is that the County will need to pay this contract, whether through the Sheriff's budget or through the contingency at a later point.  Scheflow was correct in asking the County wait until all FY2017 funds have been completely audited and released.  It is a fiscally responsible and prudent move, and was approved by all but 4 members of the Board.  

Public comment revolved around the Kane County Correctional Officer's Union Negotiator speaking in favor of increased staffing levels at the County Jail.  Three Correctional Officers also spoke on the matter.  Sheriff Kramer later told the Judicial Public Safety Committee that the Merit Commission is in the process of hiring additional officers.  The County cannot address the claims made pertaining to Delnor Hospital due to active litigation.  

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