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Opposition was stated early on from organized labor for a 2 year special use petition filed by Board Member Drew Frasz.  The representative opposing the petition requested the County impose a 2 year limitation on the petition and require an exit strategy be in place.  Both conditions were already agreed to by Mr. Frasz ahead of filing the petition, which was approved on a 17 to 6 vote with Mr. Frasz abstaining from the vote and debate.  

The balance of the meeting discussed the budget which had previously been been placed on public file at the October 2017 meeting

Ms. Barreiro and Mr. Davoust offered similar amendments to the the one offered by Barreiro and Auger during the October 2017 Meeting.  Debate followed in similar fashion with similar results to the October Meeting.  The publicly posted budget passed largely along party lines with Auger, Davoust and Lewis breaking from the Republicans, and Allan and Wegman breaking from the Democrats.  Subsequent to passing the budget the County Board has to approve the individual tax levies.

After Executive Session the Board voted to enter into the class action lawsuit against the opioid manufacturers first referenced in the September 2017 Meeting.  

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*** UPDATE ***

Less than one month into the new fiscal year, Kane County Sheriff Kramer presented a resolution asking for an additional $300k from the contingency reserves to cover the cost of his new contract inmate medical services.  Had the Board approved the alternative funding Budget discussed above, there would have been no means to fund this overage, which would have resulted in layoffs and/or deep service cuts.  Inmate medical care is a state mandate, with the approved proposal still $500k lower than the next bidder.  The Daily Herald Article on this topic is found here.