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We started out on a disappointing note.  Due to weather concerns our annual 4H Day with students across the County had been cancelled.  I always look forward to this annual meeting, as the students are always bright and exceptional.  Despite continued attempts to derail the Longmeadow Parkway project by some residents, this issue continued to move forward.  The other main issue of debate was the issuance of Road Impact Fees.  


I have consistently opposed the use of Impact Fees in their current form, and have posted my logic in the past ( link to "The Impact of Road Impact Fees" ).  My main issue with this current procedure is that we have made it far too broad, which translates to a hardship in business centers within our 19th district.  When we are actively trying to grow our economy and encourage new industry into our borders, I have a hard time endorsing anything that puts unneeded barriers in front of that goal.  

Full Video [ HERE ]