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The main topic of the April Meeting surrounded around a liquor License request made by prospective owner of gentleman’s club Blackjacks.  The petitioner made a return visit and a second attempt after her first petition making the same request was defeated by a single vote in 2013.  Incidentally, I was absent from that meeting due to pneumonia.  Had I been there, I would have voted in the affirmative creating a tie vote which by the rules of decorum would have gone to Chairman Lauzen to break the tie.   The 2015 attempt did not come nearly as close, ultimately failing on a 7-16 vote.  Mike Kenyon and I were the only 2 Republicans who voted in favor of the petition.


Despite my friends at Left Right & You dubbing me the “Champion of Strippers Everywhere” for my vote, the truth was that I was simply supporting a local business’ attempt to improve their business model and in turn generate roughly $100,000 in sales tax revenue for the county.  LR&Y would be more accurate to refer to the actions as championing local businesses, because that was the sole reasoning behind my vote.  

My colleagues who opposed the petition stated many arguments.  I respect them and their opinions.  We can agree to disagree.

Following the defeat of the petition, the petitioner has since filed suit against the County of Kane alleging discrimination.

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