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With the close of petition filing it appears that the 19th District voters will have a rematch of the 2012 election.  I welcome the challenge as it allows for an open and honest debate on the future of the county.

 Over the last year I have built a solid record as your County Board Member.  I voted on a frozen tax levy for both the County and Forest Preserve District. Kane County was named the most transparent county in Illinois. I have openly and actively supported the repeal of impact fees on our businesses to encourage job growth.  

I have kept each and every promise I made along the campaign trail in 2012, and plan to run on my record.  My opponent will likely offer alternatives, allowing the voters two distinct choices. Do we raise taxes during a time of economic hardship, or do we move towards lowering the tax levy over the years ahead?  I will gladly have that debate any day.

See you along the campaign trail.