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We began the April 2018 Board meeting by welcoming back former Board Member Democrat Ron Ford who was appointed to fill the vacancy left by the departure of Brian Dahl, who ironically was himself appointed to fill the vacancy of Ron Ford in 2015.   Ron was a well respected member of the County Board during his previous tenure on the Board.  He was welcomed back by Republicans and Democrats alike, a sure sign that he has found universal respect among his colleagues.  

Res #18-108 dealt with the hiring of a replacement animal control warden.  This was opposed by Republican Phil Lewis as he did not believe we should be adding staff.  It was correctly pointed out, however, that the employee replaced another employee leaving a net gain of zero new employees.   Motion passed with on Lewis in opposition. 

Res #18-144 honored retiring Chief Deputy Thomas Bumgarner for his 39 years of service to the Kane County Sheriff's Office.  To put this into perspective, Tom started his tenure at the Sheriff's office only a handful of days before I was born.  

During public comments the Board listened to a speaker who discussed her views on various items not truly related to the County Board.  Please note that we do not condone or agree with the statements of this speaker.  Her issues are not issues in which the County Board has any authority.  When we grant personal freedoms we have both those who we agree with and those in which we adamantly oppose.  


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