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This month we were welcomed by several special guests.  First, we had the student members of the 4H Club who were shadowing our members.  It is always so great to be joined by these intelligent and thoughtful members.  We were also joined a second time by Lucas Winarski, an elementary school student from Gilberts who is fighting bone cancer.  Two years ago Lucas lead us in the pledge after having beaten cancer.  Earlier this year, however, the Winarski family found out that the cancer had returned.  Each member of the Board joined together and donned "Lucas Strong" t-shirts in support of our young friend as he lead us a second time.  Our hearts and prayers go out to the Winarski Family.  God Bless you Lucas.  Get better soon!

The only item for debate concerned an Intergovernmental Agreement between Kane County and the State of Illinois related to right of way transfer for the Longmeadow Parkway.  The item was taken off the agenda by Democrat Jarrett Sanchez who opposed the motion.  He was the only nay vote.  

Video Coverage (unfortunately the cameraman dropped the camera during Lucas' part)