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February started with Geneva Mayor Kevin Burns thanking the County Board for their progress on the Settler's Hill Cross Country Course.  While I was originally skeptical over this project I have been very happy with the way it has developed over the last three years.  There were a handful of items that resulted in debate among the members.

Kane County was recognized for our efforts in energy independence by receiving the SolSmart Award with a proclamation signed by Governor Rauner.

Resolution #18-48 saw the County Board replenishing the Insurance Liability Reserve with funding from Tax Sale in Error funds.  During discussion on this subject Republican Phil Lewis suggested that the Board allocate $500k of these funds towards reinstating the Electronic Monitoring Program previously cut by the Courts.  While I appreciate Phil's efforts to find funding to reinstate this worthwhile program, the funds we were debating are non-reoccurring funds.  It is never solid financial practice to fund a known ongoing expense with a non-reoccurring funding source.  You will essentially establish an annual crisis when the funding source dries up each budget cycle.  

We recognized the outstanding effort of Treasurer Rickert and his staff in processing the huge number of prepayments in property taxes (over 7,400) following the federal tax code changes.  


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