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After Chairman Lauzen recognized that the date of the meeting coincided with my 38th birthday (thank you all for NOT singing), the majority of the meeting revolved around a petition to amend a PUD to allow chickens, and the annual prevailing wage vote.

The May Meeting was monopolized by a zoning petition to allow a special use in Campton Township.  The matter was denied by the Board as it was determined that the applicant did not meet all criteria specified in the special use ordinance.    

With Spring in the air, zoning petitions monopolized the bulk of our meeting.  This meant as Chairman of Development I hogged the floor.  All passed with unanimous approval.  We also were able to say hello to former Board Member Joe Haimann of Carpentersville.

We started out on a disappointing note.  Due to weather concerns our annual 4H Day with students across the County had been cancelled.  I always look forward to this annual meeting, as the students are always bright and exceptional.  Despite continued attempts to derail the Longmeadow Parkway project by some residents, this issue continued to move forward.  The other main issue of debate was the issuance of Road Impact Fees.  

When you think about Valentine's Day, what better way then to spend it at the monthly Kane County Board Meeting.  The meeting was just over 1 hour in length with a light agenda.  Despite some audio issues, the meeting was went well with little to no major issues.  

The January 2017 meeting began with the Pledge lead by a new US citizen; a fitting start to the new year.  Chairman Lauzen laid out a vision in which the Board will work in unity through the coming term.  

December 13th was the first meeting of the new fiscal year, and following the 2016 Elections.  We welcomed 4 new members to the Board as well as offering our best to those leaving the Board.  

 In November we technically held 2 meetings.  The first was a hearing on bond purchases used to pay in advance the IMRF pension obligation at a lower rate.  The second was the standard meeting.

 First and foremost, I apologize for desecrating the sanctity of the County Board by wearing that hideous tie in this respected chamber.  If you watch the video link ahead, please forgive my appearance.  It is credited to our Auditor Terry Hunt.


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The August meeting had several issues which required debate before the Board, ranging from zoning matters to our Heavenly Father.

Image result for MA Center, Elburn, ILThe Board reviewed petition 4378: Mata Amitanandamayi (M.A.) Center for a Special Use.  This petition originated within the Development Committee and was brought forth for the full Board's consideration.  As the Chairman of the Development Committee it was my duty to facilitate this portion of the meeting and insure that all interested persons be given their opportunity to present their case before the Board.  One of the main concerns from the objectors was the creation of new buildings which house temporary participants of the MA programs.  These buildings, however, were replacing what used to exist when the former Broadview School was in operations meaning that the new facilities would exhibit the same intensity, or possibly less.  

Image result for Prevailing wagesThe primary issue discussed at the June meeting revolved around the County following a simple state procedural task.  Every year the State of Illinois in its infinite wisdom requires Counties, Municipalities and even Townships to establish prevailing wages for the coming year.  But the funny part is that if we don't approve this item considered a "Pro-Union" measure in June, our hand is forced and we have to approve it the following month.  Only in Illinois folks... only in Illinois.

Image result for pay raisesWhile several items of importance were discussed at the May meeting, the one which received the most attention by the local media involved the compensation of our Countywide Elected Officials.  Here is my attempt to make sense of the situation...

Image result for 4H ClubWe welcomed the student members of the 4H Club into the County Board Room for the April 2016 Board Meeting. We are always honored to be joined by these outstanding young leaders.   Upon the adjournment of our meeting, the 4H students took over and held their annual mock County Board meeting.  

The April agenda was overall fairly light without much contention.