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We began the April 2018 Board meeting by welcoming back former Board Member Democrat Ron Ford who was appointed to fill the vacancy left by the departure of Brian Dahl, who ironically was himself appointed to fill the vacancy of Ron Ford in 2015.   Ron was a well respected member of the County Board during his previous tenure on the Board.  He was welcomed back by Republicans and Democrats alike, a sure sign that he has found universal respect among his colleagues.  

This month we were welcomed by several special guests.  First, we had the student members of the 4H Club who were shadowing our members.  It is always so great to be joined by these intelligent and thoughtful members.  We were also joined a second time by Lucas Winarski, an elementary school student from Gilberts who is fighting bone cancer.  Two years ago Lucas lead us in the pledge after having beaten cancer.  Earlier this year, however, the Winarski family found out that the cancer had returned.  Each member of the Board joined together and donned "Lucas Strong" t-shirts in support of our young friend as he lead us a second time.  Our hearts and prayers go out to the Winarski Family.  God Bless you Lucas.  Get better soon!

February started with Geneva Mayor Kevin Burns thanking the County Board for their progress on the Settler's Hill Cross Country Course.  While I was originally skeptical over this project I have been very happy with the way it has developed over the last three years.  There were a handful of items that resulted in debate among the members.

The new year started with a short meeting, and unanimous approval of the consent agenda without additional debate.  

The December 2017 Meeting began with the recognition of retiring decorated K9 Officer Dakar and annual presentations from the RTA and PACE representatives.  Three items pertaining to Longmeadow Parkway were approved unanimously with e exception of colleague Jarett Sanchez who has been a faithful objector to the project.  Resolution 17-405 authorized a contract for Health Insurance Broker in an effort to save the County $125,000 for identical coverage to the existing insurance coverage.  The motion passed on an 18-5 vote.

Opposition was stated early on from organized labor for a 2 year special use petition filed by Board Member Drew Frasz.  The representative opposing the petition requested the County impose a 2 year limitation on the petition and require an exit strategy be in place.  Both conditions were already agreed to by Mr. Frasz ahead of filing the petition, which was approved on a 17 to 6 vote with Mr. Frasz abstaining from the vote and debate.  

The balance of the meeting discussed the budget which had previously been been placed on public file at the October 2017 meeting

The October 2017 Meeting focused primarily on the FY2018 Budget proposal.  As discussed on other posts, this year's budget was not an easy undertaking.  Cuts were necessary to prevent the County from increasing taxes, and the most fair means to do this was to ask all departments to share in the pain equally.  Not all of my colleagues agreed.

The September 2017 featured some debate from the Board regarding a proposed budget policy.  Before we could discuss the resolution a motion was made to table the matter.  Unfortunately, parliamentary procedure prohibits discussion on a motion to table.  Therefore the budgetary guideline policies were never discussed or debated on their merit, nor was any misinformation on the resolution addressed by the Board. 

The August 2017 Meeting's main topic was discussed primarily in Executive Session and introduced the County to the possibility of joining the class action lawsuit against Pharmaceutical Companies related to their role in opioid addiction and abuse.  The Board unanimously voted to have the State's Attorney provide an expert legal opinion on the matter to further guide our decision.  

The July 11th meeting of the Kane County Board kept on the June theme of poultry and livestock when the Board passed the "Rooster Ordinance."  This change to the County's zoning ordinance adds definition to "noisy birds" and specifies restrictions on such birds in parcels under 5 acres in size.  The amended ordinances passed on a 21 to 1 vote.

After Chairman Lauzen recognized that the date of the meeting coincided with my 38th birthday (thank you all for NOT singing), the majority of the meeting revolved around a petition to amend a PUD to allow chickens, and the annual prevailing wage vote.

The May Meeting was monopolized by a zoning petition to allow a special use in Campton Township.  The matter was denied by the Board as it was determined that the applicant did not meet all criteria specified in the special use ordinance.    

With Spring in the air, zoning petitions monopolized the bulk of our meeting.  This meant as Chairman of Development I hogged the floor.  All passed with unanimous approval.  We also were able to say hello to former Board Member Joe Haimann of Carpentersville.

We started out on a disappointing note.  Due to weather concerns our annual 4H Day with students across the County had been cancelled.  I always look forward to this annual meeting, as the students are always bright and exceptional.  Despite continued attempts to derail the Longmeadow Parkway project by some residents, this issue continued to move forward.  The other main issue of debate was the issuance of Road Impact Fees.  

When you think about Valentine's Day, what better way then to spend it at the monthly Kane County Board Meeting.  The meeting was just over 1 hour in length with a light agenda.  Despite some audio issues, the meeting was went well with little to no major issues.