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Honest, ethical government. Is that too much to ask for nowadays? In Illinois the phrase has become an oxymoron.  All too often local officials forget why they initially sought office. Illinois in general has become known as the corruption capital of the United States. Our former governor recently pleaded "politics as usual" as his defense in a federal corruption case where he was charged with attempting to sell a US Senate appointment for personal game. We deserve better, and in Kane County we are receiving better.

As an avid outdoors man, Kurt is a strong advocate of conserving our natural resources. While some politicians resort to exaggerated claims and misguided pseudo science as scare tactics, Kurt believes each one of us should simply want be a good steward of our natural resources, working together to balance the needs of wildlife and population growth.

More and more families are forced to do more with less. Why should your Government be any different? When residents see the out of control spending at the national and state levels, it's no wonder their trust in elected officials has all but evaporated. We need to do better.

Its the economy, stupid! A little known Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton used this slogan to capture the White House from President George H. W. Bush in 1992. Today, the saying is just as relevant, if not more so.