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The County Development Committee has spearheaded the creation of the proposed K.E.E.P. program to provide a valuable funding source for area businesses looking to implement energy efficient measures for their buildings.  The new program will allow Kane County businesses access to energy efficient technology which may not have been available otherwise due to prohibitive costs. The voluntary program is seen as both pro-business/development and pro-environment.  Another win-win scenario for Kane County!


All of Kane County is standing up with our buddy Lucas Winarski who is taking cancer head on.  He was diagnosed with Pseudomyogenic Hemangioendothelioma in 2015, and had it beat until scans showed a return in late 2017.  Lucas, however, is one strong kid, and he's ready for Round 2.  So how can you help? 

If your child is a student at Gilbert's Elementary School like Kurt's son Robbie, you can show your support by buying a #LucasStrong T-Shirt. Make sure they wear them every Friday.  You can also support Lucas at his GoFundMe Page by clicking here or coming out to the March 13th Kane County Board Meeting and meet him in person as he leads us in the Pledge of Allegiance.  

2018 kicked off to a quick start with Kane County Development Committee approving the construction of the long anticipated Settler's Hill Cross Country Course at zero cost to the Kane County taxpayers.  The project will come in under budget and be open to the public by 2019.  We've come a long way since a 2014 feasibility study said we couldn't do it without creating a deficit for the County - We are proving them wrong.  The project passed the County Board with unanimous support!



Below are all County Board Committee meetings of which Kurt is a member:

* Committee Chairman
** Committee Vice-Chairman