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2018 kicked off to a quick start with Kane County Development Committee approving the construction of the long anticipated Settler's Hill Cross Country Course at zero cost to the Kane County taxpayers.  The project will come in under budget and be open to the public by 2019.  We've come a long way since a 2014 feasibility study said we couldn't do it without creating a deficit for the County - We are proving them wrong!


As we head into the home stretch of 2017, it's time to once again take a look at the year that was.  Last year, Daily Herald reporter Jim Fuller did an article on the challenges facing Kane County.  Four specific issues fell under committees in which I either chair, or am a member.  These include:

  1. Energy efficiencies to reduce operational costs
  2. Economically viable solution to the Settlers Hill development
  3. Reduction in Property Taxes
  4. Continued progress on Longmeadow Parkway

It is with great pride that I can report that Kane County has had positive results in each of these four items. 


Below are all County Board Committee meetings of which Kurt is a member:

* Committee Chairman
** Committee Vice-Chairman