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The main complaint we hear is rising taxes.  Agreed.  Here in Illinois we are getting killed with high taxes.  While Kane County controls less than 1/10th of your local property tax bill, we continue to do everything within our power to minimize the burden placed on our residents, but our poor Treasurer David Rickert continues to be the least popular person in the room, since his name is featured prominently on your property tax bill.  But don't kill the messenger - while Illinois is in financial crisis, Kane County's sound fiscal policies have minimized debt while picking up much of the slack created by the absence of a state budget.

Unlike the state and federal government, Kane County continues to pay down its debt year after year.  How do we do this?  Its not easy, but Kane County is committed to keeping our promise to future generations.  As a father of two, I refuse to leave my children on the hook for our bills.  In 2009 Kane County's total general bond obligation was just under $120 Million.  Today, our total general bond obligation is under $40 Million!  

While other levels of government continue to rack up debt and watch as their ratings fall to junk bond status, Kane County continues to reduce its debt and maintain a AAA rating.


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