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With the unproductive political dispute between the County Board Chairman and the State's Attorney monopolizing media coverage, residents may have missed the Democrat proposal to increase our property taxes by $1.2 million in Kane County.  Luckily for our residents, Kane County Board member Kurt Kojzarek sure didn't.  Kurt led his colleagues in soundly defeating the proposal within the Finance Committee before it ever saw the light of day.

"A tax increase always needs to be a means of last resort," Kojzarek said. "It should almost be where if you have to raise taxes you should apologize to your constituents because that's the only way you've found to do things. We have the funds right now. It makes no sense to keep those funds and ask for more."

Read more about the effort by clicking here or here.

One thing everyone seems to agree upon is that property taxes are too high.  The solutions to high property taxes, however, are typically where opinions differ.  Kane County directly accounts for roughly 5% of your total property tax bill, meaning that for every dollar you spend on property taxes the County receives a nickel.  So what value are you getting for your nickel?



This year Kane County was able to secure the best fixed rate for residents in unincorporated portions of our county since voters overwhelmingly passed the 2014 resolution.  But what is Energy Aggregation?  



 No one likes to sit in traffic, so Kane County is being especially proactive in addressing current and future traffic concerns through our FY2018-2022 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) - many of which are located either in or adjacent to the 19th District.  



The County Development Committee has spearheaded the creation of the proposed K.E.E.P. program to provide a valuable funding source for area businesses looking to implement energy efficient measures for their buildings.  The new program will allow Kane County businesses access to energy efficient technology which may not have been available otherwise due to prohibitive costs. The voluntary program is seen as both pro-business/development and pro-environment.  Another win-win scenario for Kane County!



Below are all County Board Committee meetings of which Kurt is a member:

* Committee Chairman
** Committee Vice-Chairman