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Over the last few months we have heard a great deal about the forthcoming Longmeadow Parkway Bridge project.  Well, that isn't entirely accurate.  For over the past 20 years we heard a great deal about the forthcoming Longmeadow Parkway Bridge project.  This topic has been first and foremost on the minds of County officials in the northern portion of Kane County dating back to my 6th grade year at St. Thomas More Elementary School.  After more than 2 decades of debate, analysis, research and design, I am proud to state the bridge is scheduled to break ground in Spring 2016, making it the largest County infrastructure improvement in the history of Kane County.

Unfortunately there has been a great deal of misinformation put out on this project ranging from environmental concerns to tax increases.  Of course none of these arguments have any factual basis.  Visit my blog posts to find out the truth about this monumental and badly needed addition to our region.  Thank you to all the County Board Commissioners who came before us and helped set the table for this project, including Don Rage, John Fahy, John Noverini, Hollie Kisane, John Mayer and Tim Haley.  I know I appreciate all of your hard work which helped get us to where we are today.

Left Right & You Radio Segments:

Kane County Board Member Kurt Kojzarek has become a fixture on the local station's Election Night Coverage over the last year, but has also popped in the studio a couple of times to discuss County politics and local news with Jeff and Larry. 

Here are a few links to his most recent appearances courtesy of

 May 28, 2015 (Topics: General Kane County Politics)

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