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Kane County received national recognition for our budgeting process at the June Board meeting.  Over the last four years we have opened the process and reported monthly on the progress or obstacles facing the County.  While this process is the ideal scenario for achieving transparency, it reminds me of the old saying about not wanting to see how the sausage is made.  In this case the County's openness has lent itself to reports of overages which do not exist.  It is important to note that the 2017 budget is a work in progress up until the point in which it is officially adopted by the 24 members of the County Board.  We have a long way to go, but we will continue to tighten our belt in order to keep our promise to not add additional tax burdens on our residents.  Our goal is to continue the tax freeze as long as it is feasible.  


Meet Lucas Winarski - The Bravest First Grader In Gilberts

Over the last year or so Lucas has been battling and beating the crap out of cancer, all while keeping a positive attitude.  His family is asking that people share his story to raise awareness of pediatric cancer, but I want to raise awareness of this great family.  He and his mother will be leading the Kane County Board in the Pledge of Allegiance at the July 12th Board meeting.  Please consider helping Lucas by donating on his GoFundMe page, and keep Lucas and his family in your prayers.  


June & July Meetings

Below are all County Board Committee meetings scheduled for June and July of which Kurt is a member:

  • 7/06/2016 8:30 AM -  Legal Affairs & Claims
  • 7/06/2016 9:00 AM  - Executive 
  • 7/12/2016 9:00 AM -  Forest Preserve
  • 7/12/2016 9:45 AM -  County Board
  • 7/14/2016 9:00 AM -  Judicial and Public Safety
  • 7/19/2016 9:00 AM -  Transportation
  • 7/19/2016 10:30 AM - Development
  • 7/26/2016 4:00 PM -  Committee of the Whole