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With all 16 precincts reporting in, it looks like the 19th District has seen fit to elect me to a second term in office.  I cannot stress enough how tremendously honored I am to be given this awesome responsibility.  I promise to continue to work for the hard working residents of our community.

Elissa, Robbie and I cannot begin to thank you all for your continued support and friendship.  

Thank you all and god bless.



Election Night Results:

19th County Board District

(R) Kurt Kojzarek 3,144 - 58.76%

(D) Hidayat Khan 1,869 - 34.93%

23rd County Board District

(R) Maggie Auger 2,652  -  60.71%

(D) Kevin Smith  1,541  -  35.28

11th County Board District

(R) John Martin  5,054  -  61.77%

(D) Martha Hanna 2,644  -  32.31%

Kane County Sheriff 

(R) Don Kramer  72,730  -  63%

(D) Willie Mayes 42,733  -  37%